Fox Park | Denver. Colorado | 2024

Fox Park | Denver. Colorado | 2024

Fox Park | Denver. Colorado | 2024

Architects: Tryba Architects
Lead Architect: David Tryba
Client: Vita Fox Park Development Team
Contractor: Saunders Construction
Photographers - Rendering Artist: Alex Hogrefe, Principle, Design Distill

Fox Park | Denver. Colorado | 2024
Fox Park | Denver. Colorado | 2024

Project Description

Additional Credits

Rendering Artist: Caroline Boetzelen, Owner, BotzDigital LLC.
Rendering Artists: Michael Klausmeier, Volley Studio

Fox Park is a transformative 41-acre industrial reclamation project expanding Denver’s urban core—integrating open space, culture, and commerce into a mixed-use urban ecology that reflects a creative and spirited new generation.

The project reuses an existing 320,000-square-foot former newspaper printing facility and reclaims the site of the historic Denver Brick and Pipe Company.

A cohesive urban landscape will introduce over 14 acres of open space, bringing needed parks to the historically underserved neighborhood. Soil remediation, the creation of roads, multimodal transportation infrastructure, and the new system of parks will transform the site, establishing an urban framework that accommodates future growth and evolution rooted in place and community.

A combination of affordable and market-rate housing is being developed on-site, and a community benefit fund will support neighborhood maintenance and beautification while minimizing displacement.

Positioned at the intersection of I-25 and I-70 in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood just north of Downtown Denver, Fox Park will be a new gateway to the city and region. Its proximity to a multi-modal transit station and bike trails will provide additional mobility options and create seamless connectivity to Downtown and beyond.

Terraced into the hillside, a vertically integrated public realm consolidates parking and service below grade.

The mixed-use community brings together next-generation workspaces, a boutique hotel, event venues, curated retail and urban agriculture.

At its heart, the immense former newspaper printing facility will be converted into the World Trade Center, a vibrant new cultural center for community learning and education, arts and culture, innovation and fabrication, business and entrepreneurship.

Building on the site’s heritage of industry, the North Paper Warehouse will be transformed into advanced manufacturing and education in an urban setting.

Active at all times of the day, an indoor/outdoor “Fox Square” will seamlessly connect the interior programming with the surrounding neighborhood, further inviting the community to participate in recreation and cultural discourse.

The reclamation and revitalization of the site and collection of former industrial buildings represent an approach to design that interweaves sustainability and social fabric.

Fox Park is poised to set a new standard for how revitalized industrial highway corridor infrastructure and former industrial space can seamlessly reintegrate into the urban core, building a more inclusive and sustainable city of the future.