Kibok Song

Kibok Song

Kibok Song is a Leader/Design Director at LIXIL, currently based in New York. He holds a master's degree in Design from the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology. Throughout his design career, Kibok has consistently championed the principles of human-centered design, serving as a dedicated advocate. His exceptional talent and expertise have earned him recognition from numerous international design awards, and he has been granted over 70 patents for his groundbreaking designs.

Kibok’s extensive portfolio showcases his versatility and proficiency across a diverse range of industries. His remarkable projects span consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, commercials, fittings & fixtures, display design, interior design, as well as UI/UX, design strategy, and brand design. With an impressive track record of over 20 years in the field, he has honed his skills through experiences in prominent design consultancies and leading in-house design teams at global corporations, including Samsung, LG, Kodak, HP, and LIXIL.

In his current capacity, Kibok leads a team of exceptionally talented designers and researchers, spearheading the development of innovative, and meaningful design solutions that not only add value but also contribute to shaping a better future.

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